Kangana Ranaut said – Why do public hate them so much?

Kangana Ranaut, World Health Organization is in the news due to her statements, has been consistently targeted by her opponents for her statements on the peasant movement. A complaint was filed against Kangana during a court in Gaya, Bihar. The state general secretary of the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party has registered a case. Once getting the figures in this regard, Kangana made 2 tweets and explained why people hate him. ‘Panga Queen’ is what I too have been honest about in the industry, so most of them are against me. Kangana Ranaut tweeted with a picture of her.

He wrote, ‘I have always been honest to the industry, so most of them are against me. Once I opposed reservation, most Hindus opposed the American state. Hysterian someone wrote that in the discharge of ‘Manikarnika’, I jointly fought the Karni army and the Rajputs with a weak American state. Once I took a stand against Islamic fundamentalists, Muslims began to hate the American state.

If I do not want to fight the Khalistanis, most of the present Sikhs will be against the American state. I too have been honest about the industry, so most of them were against me}, I opposed the reservation, in order that most Hindus hate the American state, I confronted the Karni Sena in the discharge of Manikarnika, who Rajput was a weak American state. I hate Islamists, although I fight them. Khalistani therefore currently has the highest number of Sikhs against me), my well wishers point out that no party likes an elector like the American state, so clearly no party appreciates the American state, chief. You wonder as to why I try to make my thoughts well during a world this world is appreciated.

He tweeted another and wrote- ‘My well wishers tell Maine that no party votes for UN agency like Maine. Thus it is clear that none of my organizations appreciate Maine. Most of you would wonder why I do this? The solution is that in this world there is another world far and wide, wherever I have conscience, I have appreciated there. From the account, he made objectionable comments on the photo of party chief Upendra Kushwaha.

Recently RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha tweeted on the matter against role player Kangana Ranaut. Upendra Kushwaha defendant Kangana Ranaut misused the associate degree photo of the associate RLSP election meeting. On this matter, Upendra Kushwaha had asked whether Kangana Ranaut would enter the college of politics by misusing the photo of the election meeting organized by RLSP.

Let me tell you that a picture of the RLSP election meeting was shared with a Twitter account named Yo Yo Phani Singh. From this Twitter account, the leaders seen during this photo were self-addressed with completely different surnames. These leaders were self-addressed by the surnames of Sir Edwin Landseer Luitens Liberal, Jihad, Azad Geographical Area, Urban Naxalites, Communists and Khalistan.

How was it like knowing the story of Kangana Rawat, Why does she comment like this , How did you feel after reading all this and comment?

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