Parliament Meets : Rahul Gandhi Says “Pm Busy With Peacock,” read full


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has been continually reprimanding the administration over its treatment of the pandemic, toward the beginning of today assaulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi once more as he said individuals of the nation need to “spare their own lives since PM is occupied with peacock” in the midst of sharp flood in Covid cases.

“India’s Covid cases will cross 50 lakh this week and dynamic cases will cross 10 lakh. Impromptu lockdown was the endowment of limited’s personality, which prompted the spread of Covid the nation over. Modi government said “act naturally dependent (atmanirbhar)”… which signified “spare your own lives” on the grounds that the Prime Minister is occupied with peacock,” said the Congress MP, who will miss the principal half of the storm meeting of parliament that began today.

Mr Gandhi left to travel to another country a week ago with his mom and Congress boss Sonia Gandhi for her yearly registration.

In a solitary tweet, he assaulted the Prime Minister over spike in Covid cases and blamed the administration for executing the lockdown without an arrangement. He additionally alluded to a video PM Modi shared a month ago on his authority Instagram handle. The video, common with a sonnet in Hindi, shows PM Modi investing energy with peacocks at his Lok Kalyan Marg living arrangement . The Prime Minister is found in the clasp taking care of a peahen inside his living arrangement and performing morning exercise in different visuals.

The Congress MP from Kerala has regularly said the administration’s impromptu Covid lockdown prompted loss of lives and left lakhs jobless.

A month ago, he had tweeted that he was directly about the Coronavirus count contacting the 20 lakh-mark by August 10.

The legislature, notwithstanding, has made light of his analysis. Association serve Prakash Javadekar had before taunted him for his “every day” tweets. “Rahul Gandhi is tweeting consistently. It appears to be the Congress will turn into a gathering of tweets as they are accomplishing no work among the individuals and losing one pioneer after another. A disappointed and discouraged gathering is attempting to dispatch a wide range of assaults on the administration,” Mr Javadekar said.

India’s Covid have cases passed the 48 lakh-mark with 92,071 new cases detailed over the most recent 24 hours and 1,136 Coronavirus connected passings, the administration information indicated toward the beginning of today.


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