Amitabh bachchan hit back on anonymous troll who wished he died of COVID 19

In the rare anger , outbrust on social media, Super Megastar Amitabh bachchan hit back on anonymous troll who wished he died of Coronavirus. the 77 year old Super star along with son abhishek, was admitted in nanvarti Hospital on July 11 after coronavirus test is postive . and also family member star ashwariya rai with his daughter also test psotive and it will on home Quarantine and take medician ,recovery at home . it Ashwariya rai also motivate his daughter by keeping distance fight aginst coronavirus.

Addressing some one anonymous , bachchan sir wrote on his blog that the troll was to gain senses of self important by verbally attacking Star like him. this is not first time some one now social media now try gain importance by making comments on big stars . some plays emotional card some use troll method but every one in social media is not wrong some doining geniun and great work to serve a nation and social but some troll again more views and imprtance now we need to ignore such tolles amd need promote good and real news .

Bachchan Sir also told If i die you wont get to write your diatribe anymore,by weathering or remark on celebrity name . the reason troll writing to notice was beacuse you love super star you look a swipe at amitabh bachchan sir that shall no longer exist , . If by God grace I live longer “We wish bachchan sir live 200 years ” you shall have to be weathering the swipe storm not just for me but very conservancy level,from 90+ Million follwers he Wrote.

Bachchan said tough , He has not asked his fans to take any steps against the troll , if he survives from coronavirus he will do it own ,there are in temper They traverse the entire world From the North to South from the East to West and they are not just the EF of this page , That enlarge family shall in the gleam of an eye become ‘Assassination family’.

Bachchan even wrote a paragraph in himdi, calling the troll a “blot on society ” (PTI).

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